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Feb. 18th, 2006

Monroe Cannon

"Midnight Cowboy"

It feels like something just bit my back but I cant feel anything. Hmm... :\

The other day I watched a movie from 1969 titled "Midnight Cowboy". It was pretty cool. Theres a party scene that is pretty trippy with drug use and psychodelic music. I wasnt too sure about that but I guess thats how it was back then. Dustin Hoffman was PHENOMENAL! I've always had a small crush on him even though hes old as dirt. (I have a thing for short jewish men.Ugh, who am I kidding? I have a thing for ALL men who are attractive.) The real star of the movie is Jon Voight who was a hottie back in the day. You can definately see Angelina Jolie in him! (Shes his daughter.) He did an awesome job playing the role of a dimwitted "hustler" from Texas who takes a bus to New York. Once in NY his character Joe Buck sticks out like a sore thumb. Hoffmans character, Rico Rizzo is that of an ill-fated, down-on-his-luck petty thief. Soon after arriving in the "Big Apple", Buck meets Rizzo. Although, theres tension at first, they become friends soon afterwards. The final scene is heartwrenching. Although, its kindve sad I LOVED IT! I loved the dark, gritty edge it had to it. That and the superb acting made this a fantastic film. I rented it a week before the damn special edition was released to dvd! WTF. That makes me mad. But alas, I am going to buy it if I ever get any money =)

I recommend everyone sees this. Oh, by-the-way it won the Best Picture Oscar for 1969. The actors were also nominated for their roles.
Monroe Cannon


How do I get a very stubborn person to go to the doctors???? This is extremely important! I dont want to go into detail but something is wrong with my mom. This is not right and she wont listen to me. Should I just drive her to the doctors? How do I make her get out of the car tho? I dont know.

Feb. 1st, 2006

Monroe Cannon

Freedom of Speech is DEAD!

Especially when innocent women get kicked out and arrested from events for wearing a fucking t-shirt! FUCK YOU REPUBLICAN ASSHOLES!

Jan. 23rd, 2006

Monroe Cannon

My One Wish...

Just for one true friend that I can count on. Someone that I know will be there for me through thick and thin and vice versa. Thats all I want.


Jan. 14th, 2006

Monroe Cannon


Y2Jfan84 [11:06 P.M.]: i dont understand ho everyone drops the toilet
Y2Jfan84 signed off at 11:06 P.M.

I dont understand this IM.
Monroe Cannon

Here We Go Again, Bitches!

I tried to edit my info but it wouldnt let me because theyre doing "maintenance". Whatever. I'll finish this BS later. Peace!
Monroe Cannon

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